Global-Links is housed at The Plainfield Academy for the Arts and Advanced Studies and is an enrichment program for tenth through eleventh grade students. Patterned after the L.I.F.E. (Links International Foreign Affairs and Business Empowerment for Youth) Program, the program is designed to expose minority high school students, to career possibilities in foreign affairs and international business in an effort to close the race and gender divide in corporate and state department jobs, and Foreign Service appointments. 



Global-Links places special emphasis on making students aware of global issues throughout the African diaspora and developing strategies to address them. During this program period special attention has been given to Haiti and Liberia. Students meet bi-weekly with a Link mentor for informational workshops and to develop and implement an international public service activity. These sessions are supplemented by a field trip to Rutgers University to visit an Africana studies class and to meet with college mentors about international study, a mentoring dinner with professionals who work internationally, and experiences with Lincoln University and the United Nations.