The GOAL of The Arts facet is to increase and expand art activity, elevate our programs through arts integration, and effectively create an arts renaissance within our organization and programmatic efforts.



The Poster Arts Contest


Among the programs the Arts Facet sponsors are The Poster Arts Contest, and annual activity designed to raise students’ awareness about the need to create and sustain healthy habits. Students prepare posters to address each year’s thematic focus.  Among the themes the contest has emphasized to “Make Health a Habit” in the areas of “Childhood Obesity,” “STEP UP” and “Project Walking Fete.”


The Mélange of the Arts


Raritan Valley’s Mélange is a free annual celebration of the arts for the community featuring accomplished performers in the spoken word, music, dance, and visual art.


Tea and Text


In order to stimulate children’s interest in reading, the Raritan Valley Chapter of the Links, Incorporated invites underserved children, who reside in Union, Middlesex, and/or Somerset counties, to participate in an initiative entitled “Tea and Text.”  Designed to encourage third, fourth and fifth grade children to read, this project features children’s authors and illustrators who tell the stories and address the process for creating children’s books, both literally and artistically.